No 1 (2018)

Palestinian Journal of Technology and Applied Sciences

Palestinian Journal of Technology and Applied Sciences (E-ISSN) is an International refereed research publishing journal, dedicated to the latest advancement of all theoretical and scientific aspects of Technology and Applied Sciences. The Objectives of the journal are to promote and publish original high quality research and to provide a forum to researchers for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and experience.

The journal is issued by Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences at Al-Quds Open University /Palestine where it comprises the following topics:

Information and Communication Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Statistics Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Agriculture Sciences, Geology  Ecology, Nanotechnology , Mechatronics, Internet of things , Artificial Intelligence  and Big Data.

Table of Contents


Dr.Waleed Abdallah Awad, Dr.Yousef Abuzir, Dr.Mohamad Khdair
Dr. Marwan Izzat El-Kawni, Prof. Hamid Garmestani
Dr.Mohammad Dweib, Dr. Yousef Abuzir
Dr. Hamzeh Mujahed, Dr. Raed Basbous
Dr. Yousef Abuzir

ISSN: P 2520-7431