Evaluating the Tolerance of Some Wheat Varieties Towards Water Stress Induced by Sorbitol

Dr. Bassam Fahed Al Atalah, Dr. Wasim Ismaiel Mohsen, Eng. Khouzama Adel Kountar, Dr. Fahed Izaldeen Albiski, Dr. Ramzi Fahed Murshed


This study was conducted at the Biotechnology Department, Swaida Research Center, GCSAR, and Syria during 2016. Eight wheat genotypes were screened at the seedling stage using Sorbitol to mimic drought in the laboratory. The experiment was performed using Complete Randomized Design and the genotypes were evaluated by Cluster analysis based on the sum of reduction ratios for shoot and root length. The results revealed variability in the experimented genotypes’ sensitivity towards water stress in shoot and root length. Cham 10 showed the highest values whereas Doma 1 recorded the lowest. These results referred to the existence of genetic variation among genotypes under study. In addition, Cluster analysis indicated classifying studied genotypes into two groups: tolerant group containing Cham 10 (the most tolerant genotype), Bohuth 11, Cham 3, Bohuth 7, and sensitive group containing Doma 1 (the most sensitive genotype), Jolan 2, Doma 4 and Bohuth 8.




Drought, Sorbitol, Wheat, Cluster Analysis.

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