Events Extracting From Stock Markets on the Web


  • Dr. Eng. Yousef Abuzir جامعة القدس المفتوحة
  • Dr. Mohammad Dweib Al-Quds Open University
  • Dr. Eng. Yousef Sabbah Al-Quds Open University
  • Mr. AbdulRahman M. Baraka Al-Quds Open University

الكلمات المفتاحية:

Text Mining، Event Extraction، Stock Market، Prediction، Decision Making.


In business and management, there is a need to understand the situations that occur in the stock markets domain to assist us in the analysis and investment decisions. This research focuses on financial markets and monitoring changes in stock prices by event recording, collecting, understanding their meanings, extracting information and organizing against its meanings within a well-organized structure. We have used four fields for each event: event name, entity name, attributes, and attribute values. Accordingly, we have proposed some approaches and rules for data analysis and evaluation to understand the events meanings in stock markets. Investors can depend on these events for decision making when buying or selling stocks. Based on the unstructured data we collected, we propose a set of rules and techniques to analyze, evaluate and understand the meaning of the events taking place in stock markets. These events can be used by the beneficiaries for decision making to buy or sell stocks. The results obtained are discussed and the performance is evaluated. Precision, recall and f-measure are used to evaluate our system, where the results of the conducted experiments show good performance of our proposed rules and techniques.






الأعمال الأكثر قراءة لنفس المؤلف/المؤلفين

عذراً: هذه الإضافة تتطلب تمكين إضافة إحصائيات/تقارير واحدة على الأقل حتى تتمكن من العمل. إن كانت إضافات الإحصائيات لديك تقدم أكثر من مقياس واحد، فعليك أيضاً اختيار مقياس رئيسي منها عند صفحة إعدادات الموقع و/أو عند صفحات الإدارة الخاصة برئيس تحرير المجلة.