An Efficient Anchor Nodes Distribution for Accurate Localization (EDAL) in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. Ammar M.A Abu Znaid, Dr. Mohammad Idris Yamani, Dr. Ainuddin Wahid Abdul Wahab, Dr. Liana Khamis Qabajeh, Dr. Omar Adil Mahdi


The velocity parameter in mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is a critical factor in anchor nodes distribution. However, most of the previous schemes use the random velocity to transmit anchor nodes as in the waypoint mobility model, which produces a considerable overlap between anchor nodes without improving the localization accuracy. In this paper, we improve such model by controlling the anchor node velocity. In the proposed scheme (EDAL), the anchor node velocity is a function of the overlap degree between anchor nodes and number of anchor node in the neighbor. Thus, EDAL can distribute the anchor nodes efficiently to improve the localization accuracy and expand the coverage area simultaneously. We evaluate the EDAL performance through extensive simulation experiments.


DOI: 10.33977/2106-000-003-002


Wireless Sensor Networks, Waypoint Model

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